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New York Round
NewYork Round santinos Homepage

Santinos wins "Best Pizza in Los Angeles" from the Huffington Post

We are very proud to have so much support from our patrons when we won Best Pizza In LA from the Huffington Post, Daniel the owner threw a pizza 24 ft into the sky to celebrate Cynthia Izzo’s’s Pizza family arrived in New York from Naples in Italy at the turn of the 20th Century Their Pizza benefited from the larger ovens available.

The NY Round Vs The Neapolitan Square

The NY dough differs significantly from that found in the original Naples variety which is more tart, Cynthia is partial to Square while Daniel (because he cannot throw square Pizza) prefers the round Santino's Thin Crust Style Pizza begins with dough that is hand-made fresh daily from the finest Italian and Californian grown ingredients. Except the Pepperoni, that is grown in Chicago.

Add an addional topping?
NewYork Round
NewYork Round Split

  Medium Large Jumbo
Classic w/cheese $11.50 $14.99 $16.99
Each Topping $1.50 $2.00 $2.50
Extra Cheese $2.00 $2.50 $3.00

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YELP & Google Reviews

Everything here is so good. The pizza is amazing, the meat quality is great,

Tara S.

Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA


This place has pasta! And not just typical pasta, but authentic. Everything here is so good. The pizza is amazing, the meat quality is great, and the sandwiches are amazing too. I have a sensitive stomach but I never had a problem with these guys. The place is casual and comfortable, the cashiers are always friendly and the owner always acknowledges customers. A real great spot if you like authentic food.

Pizza look great ,smell sooo good and the sauce was great

max b.

Sherman Oaks, CA *****


My favorite pizza in the oaks

Add garlic basil and tomatoes best of the best ! The delivery is fast but they stop delivering around 8:40 so order early

Pizza look great ,smell sooo good and the sauce was great

Christopher V.

Los Angeles, CA *****


Pizza look great ,smell sooo good and the sauce was great. The pizza had a unique taste and will come back for more and great place

I just discovered this place one week ago today

 Tammy B.

 Van Nuys, CA *****


Where have you been all my life?! I just discovered this place one week ago today and I've already been here 4 times! GREAT food, GREAT lunch specials AND GREAT service ! Very rare to find all three of these attributes in one place. Usually SOMETHING fails, but not this place! Bonus that it's across the street from my job...problem is now I have to go to the gym more often...but it's worth it!

Love their pizza and their pastas

Shani F. ****

Los Angeles, CA


I order from here at least once a week, Love their pizza and their pastas. The other night I made up my own pasta and it came out delicious with pesto and veggies. the delivered within a reasonable time.

This place is no bigger than it actually is.The food was fantastic

T.L. B.

 Sherman Oaks, CA *****


What a gem off the side of the street! With such amazing and friendly service, I'm surprised this place is no bigger than it actually is.The food was fantastic. My husband and I have traveled to Italy several times and this was easily comparable!  Total spent for a very generous portion of side spaghetti, 2 slices of pizza with two toppings and a drink was only 11.00! They are also tiny dog friendly and made sure our little chihuahua was taken care of too. :) Thanks for the hospitality and pleasant family welcoming experience! You guys are the best!

The pizza is delicious here!

Foodie G.

 Sherman Oaks, CA *****


The pizza is delicious here! Been coming here for years and they are consistent with the tastiness of my pizza. My only complaint is that they no longer add extra tomato sauce to my pizza :-( instead the put it in a second container. They said it's because some people complained that by the time the pizza got home the pizza was a mess! Well how much sauce are you adding? And that never happened when I got my pizza with extra sauce. Other than that, I'm a happy customer.

I got a large neapolitan pizza, the "everything" combination which includes 5 veggies & 5 meats.

Art A. Los Angeles, CA *****


After looking for something nearby & different here on Yelp, I came across this place...Santino's NY in Sherman Oaks. What really caught my attention was the Neapolitan (square) pizza they do. I got a large neapolitan pizza, the "everything" combination which includes 5 veggies & 5 meats. The pizza was AMAZING! I'm picky when it comes to pizza as I have tried many and I know the difference between a mediocre, good and above! This pizza is above good because of the ingredients used. The pizza sauce is unique, very flavorful, a bit of a zest to it. Definitely recommend Santino's! The antipasto salad was bomb. Comes with there in-house Italian Salad dressing which was full of flavor as well! Small dining area, recommend take-out. They have a few parking spots in the back parking lot. The staff is friendly. I'm looking forward to going back.

The crispy square pizza was terrific

Seth G. Los Angeles, CA ****


Ordered from Santino's when my family was in LA staying at the Courtyard by Marriott in Sherman Oaks. We got one of their large Neapolitan Square Pizzas, half with Meatball and mushroom and half just mushroom for my sisters, who are vegetarians (at least until they change their mind and chase another food trend), plus a chicken Caesar Salad and some garlic bread.

The crispy square pizza was terrific, and thin enough that you'd eat a piece and feel like you hadn't had anything (which is an illusion that will make you eat more slices than you probably should eat). Caesar Salad was good with a zesty dressing, but the garlic bread was just okay. Very good pizza spot if you're out in the deep valley!

The neapolitan square crust is crispy and delicious

Natalie W. Los Angeles, CA *****

This place has the best pizza in the valley! The neapolitan square crust is crispy and delicious. It may it a little pricier than some chains around here, but you're paying for good quality ingredients that taste very fresh. I will never go anywhere else for pizza.

Pizza tastes amazing and you get a homie feeling.

Sam Alshech *****


Awesome pizza. Recently found this place through SiRi and I must say I've not been disappointed. Pizza tastes amazing and you get a homie feeling.

They are super fast and have excellent customer

Case D. Los Angeles, CA *****

I love their pizza, salad a subs. They are super fast and have excellent customer service. I recommend everything on the menu!

These guys make a great sausage pizza

Don S. Los Angeles, CA *****


Great pizza.  These guys make a great sausage pizza (I get it with onions and bell peppers also-- and I have them bake it "well done" because I like a crisp crust).  They deliver and the driver is always friendly.  Good spot on Woodman near Ventura Blvd.

The best pizza in Sherman Oaks.
Don W. Los Angeles, CA *****

This place has the best pizza in Sherman Oaks.

Small and intimate for eat in. Great for take out.

As you should expect with a NY Pizza joint the food is fantastic.

Anna who is their main server is so polite and helpful.

Since I found Santino's  it rare for me to order from anywhere else. You cant go wrong here.

I could have wine/beer...

Marconi de M. Sherman Oaks, CA

Nice dough... superb garlic, but c'mon? No bacon?????? I would give you 1/2 star more... 5 if I could have wine/beer...

Real food made from the heart.*****
valerie w. Encino, CA


Best pizza in LA!  Real food made from the heart.  The owner and his staff are wonderful, the aroma when you walk in says it all. Try the square crust. The El Greco is amazing!

Great pizza and amazing service!!*****

Brian e. Lake Balboa, CA


First time and will not be the last! Great pizza and amazing service!!

The chicken Alfredo pizza without the spinach*****

Elmira S. Los Angeles, CA


Love their pizza! Great little place. Definitely recommend. We usually get the chicken Alfredo pizza without the spinach and a side order of spaghetti with meat sauce. Delicious!

It was delivered fresh and hot *****

Erwin F San Fernando Valley, CA


My review is for home delivery of a thin, Napoli-style rectangular pizza. It was delivered fresh and hot. I want to visit and enjoy the ambiance.

Go to place for Pizza in the Valley *****

B G. Calabasas, CA


This is the go to place for pizza in the valley! I stick with the classic pepperoni pizza, but you can't go wrong any direction you order!

This pizza is one of the best *****

Vladimir V. Woodland Hills, CA


This pizza is one of the best, very chill place, very good service. I would recommend it to other people.

This is the best I've tasted. In all of Los Angeles *****

Kenny C.Sherman Oaks, CA


Tried just about every pizza joint within five miles. This is the best I've tasted. In all of Los Angeles. Incredibly tasty pizza!

Wow Wow Wow!!!!  The pizza is sooooo delicious *****

Kim R. Woodland Hills, CA


Wow Wow Wow!!!!  The pizza is sooooo delicious at Santino's that my 5 year old daughter ate 6 pieces!!!!   My husband and I had a "Skinny Luigi" and added sausage to it which was recommended by a friend.  It's was soooo yummy!  The black and green stuffed olives on it are awesome!  We ordered it as a Neopolitan Square!  Try it, you'll love it :)

This was our first time at Santino's and I know we'll be back.  The owner Daniel even let our daughter watch how the pizza was made.  He's such a sweetheart!!!

Thin crust, quality ingredients. The sausage is outstanding *****

S S. Portland, OR


Excellent NY quality pizza. Thin crust, quality ingredients. The sausage (topping) is outstanding, please try it if you are not vegetarian. Don't order any size less than jumbo because you will be disappointed that there are no left overs.

Very tasty and the crust is nice and thin ****

Haus P. Sherman Oaks, CA


The pizza is awesome the crumbled sausage is very tasty and the crust is nice and thin.

New York pizzeria like the ones there were when I was growing up *****

Karin J.  Studio City, Los Angeles, CA


I love this place so much! It reminds me so much of a New York pizzeria like the ones there were when I was growing up. Definitely a place I would go back to any time! Yummy chicken Parmesan with fettuccine - followed by homemade cannolis! And a great fresh large salad...

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! God bless Santino's! *****

Philip T.  Los Angeles, CA


I'm tired of hearing about pizza. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! Let's talk about Italian foods! Yes I'm talking about Santino's Restaurant in Sherman Oaks. I'm talking about 5 stars 5 diamond food and get in and out for $20 bucks. There is no valet. Yes there is free parking in the back and on the street! There are no waiters or waitresses. Yes that means no double the tax for a tip! I just leave a buck or two in the jar at the counter.

Everyone that eats at the restaurant orders and pays for the food at the counter. Then the clerk or night manager brings you the food at the table. Yes there is inside dining or outside tables on the sidewalk! Nice!

Let us talk about the food. Well let me talk about the food. Chicken Marsalla, Chicken Picatta, Chicken Alfredo I can't stop eating this!  Now this is five stars and five diamonds with all the trendy vegetables that stop cancers. Yes I'm talking about broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Some may say that's not Italian? Then I say tomatoes aren't from Italy. They are from the United States. Let us live and eat! God bless Santino's!

Well I guess I have to talk about pizza. Yes, I love pizza. Santino's NY Round? I haven't even got there yet! Why go there when Santino's has the Neopolitan Square pizza to! I swallow that whole like a Penguin eats fish! I got to stop typing. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, and it's 11:30 at night.

Cool Joint, feels like home ****



Bread sticks were good. Great place but it was a cool joint.

Feels like home

Pizza the service is wonderful *****

Jacqueline O. Van Nuys, CA


I came here when they opened up some years back and it is authentic New York style pizza its very good the dough is just like New York style the sauce is delicious the cheese is 100 percent cheese mozzarella it is really really good and this is definitely worth going to get pizza. I recommend this place, I recommend the pizza, and the service is wonderful also.

An authentic smell right as you walk in ****

Elizabeth M. Sherman Oaks, CA


Nice little cozy restaurant with an authentic smell right as you walk in. Has a great family like atmosphere. The service was great, and very fast. Moreover, the staff was very friendly. We ordered the special vegetarian pizza, it was tasty and not too heavy. Most pizza places have very thick crusts, or too much dough, but this pizza was thin. It was filling, but not stuffing, with very good fresh toppings. We also tried their anti-pasto salad. Let me tell you, it was very fresh and had a great flavor.  I definitely recommend this place if you want a quick bite to eat and not pay too much for great authentic Italian pizza!

Good people run the place *****

Lawrence L. Los Angeles, CA


Personally love the cheese and toppings. Good people run the place and I feel glad to support it.

This really is the best pizza in LA *****

Ilya T. Los Angeles, CA


I used to live a block away from Santino's and randomly came across the place a few years ago. I tried the Vito's Baby Clam pizza that first time. It was delicious. I never even knew you could make a good CLAM Pizza. Needless to say, this pizza has been a go-to of mine when I come here. I always either order that, AND/OR one of their Neopolitan Square Pizzas (I highly recommend this to EVERYONE. The dough is just plain special. I love it!)

It's kind of sad to see other fake reviews below from "zero-friend yelpers" (for suuuure you exist).....

One of the best pizzas I've had *****

E F. San Francisco, CA


Pizza is good, crust is thin and crispy! One of the best pizzas I've had.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore... *****

Ginny M. Henderson, NV


"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore..."

My heart and tummy swoon for this pizza. I miss it so much and look forward to dining here every, single time I am back home visiting my family. I was born and raised in Ventura, CA and have been going to this restaurant since I was a little meatball in my Mama's belly.

Their pizza is so rich and delicious. Don't wear anything fancy because this is down right dirty, cheesy oooey-gooey, grease dripping down your chin, pure fatty goodness. Of course, I go for extra cheese for the added clogged artery effect but I don't care because it's that good.

I always get their spaghetti as a compliment to my pizza, it's delish! Their garlic bread is phenom and they have an all-you-can-eat salad bar in the front of the restaurant. Speaking of the front of the restaurant, it is set-up like your normal Mom & Pop shop. The back of the restaurant is where all the fun is. Bring your quarters because there's an arcade, a full bar and plenty of big screen TVs for your favorite sporting event viewing pleasure. Additionally, they have a large room in the back for parties. It's where I had my 3rd birthday....awwwww :)

They run awesome family meal specials Sunday-Thursday and rockin' luncheon specials that are on the cheap. I dig it!

I have been looking for years for great pizza in LA *****

Rikki H. Beverly Hills, CA


Daniel was the greatest!! That pizza was nothing short of amazing ... The best NY style pizza in So Cal. Love the restaurant  but in love with the pizza !!

I have been looking for years for great pizza in LA

One of the best pizza spots in the Valley. *****

Mary K. Pasadena, CA


One of the best pizza spots in the Valley.  You can taste the quality of the ingredients.  Definitely worth a try if you are in the area.


Andy S. Woodland Hills, CA


Heard good reviews about this place but never had a chance to try. Just moved into the neighborhood so it was a perfect chance.

Went in, greeted warmly by (i assume) one of the owners. Really nice.

We got a jumbo pepperoni and mushroom. $23 out the door (including our ridiculous L.A. sales tax rate )

VERDICT: Best pizza I've had out here, hands down. Thin crust, thin layer of crisp but chewy. Great sauce, perfect amount.

Now I shared the pizza with some former NYers who loved Grimaldi's in Brooklyn. There verdict was that Santino's was the closest thing they have had to NY pizza since moving out here!

Really nice selection of specialty pies too. Gonna try the baby clam and garlic for sure!!!

The only thing I would do next time is ask for 8 slices so you can get them fold-able.

Can't wait to come back!!!!!

Great food + great service. *****

Jade P.

Sherman Oaks, CA


 I am her waiting for my pizza + salad and my mouth is watering just from the aroma! Great food + great service. Thanks Santino's!

Best Pizza in the valley! *****

Marc B.

Los Angeles, CA


Best Pizza in the valley! Always nice service, always piping hot pizza, love it!

serious problems staying away from the place!  *****

Bill J. 

Burbank, CA


This place is a find for those who like East coast style thin crust pizza.  Best slices I've found in my 25 years in LA.  Lunch special is a good deal, although the salad that comes with the special is not fabulous. But you don't go to this place for salad.  You go for the Pizza!  IF they served beer, I would have serious problems staying away from the place!

Go-to local pizza spot *****Aaron H.

Los Angeles, CA


We've now ordered from here twice. It's our current go-to local pizza spot. We had Santino's go up against Antonio's and Santino's won out primarily because they have a great cornmeal crust and the sauce is slightly sweet. Delivery is quick and the cannoli was tasty...

Fantastic pizza ***** Justin K.

Studio City, CA


Fantastic pizza. We ordered the square and picked it up. I am from Chicago and this is the best pizza in LA - hands down!

The best tasting pizza ****

Ellen C.Glendale, CA


The best tasting pizza located in the valley resides inside Santino's NY Pizza The crust is considered "thin" by Los Angeles standards. Thin, but hearty enough to hold vegetables. A succulent savory sauce pairs well with the melted mozzarella. They spared no expense with the cheese. The highlight toppings are their spicy sausage and fresh (not canned) jalapenos.

Consistently great pizza is hard to find, unless you enjoy that processed taste. Santino's NY Pizza delivers that delicious pizza you were always looking for.

Best Pizza ever *****

Matthew M. Sherman Oaks, CA


 I'm a big pizza fan, so it was hard for me to pass the crown from D'Amore's Pizza Connection but Santinos is hands down, the best pizza I have ever had! The atmosphere is classy and cozy, about 4 tables and a cramped counter. Plenty of celebrity endorsements adorn the wall. But the pizza, out of this world. I admit, it's hard to say "Best Pizza ever" with so many types around, but the only caveat to a pizza battle is Chicago style deep dish. If that's your thing, then get on down the road I guess. As far as a thinner, more traditional type of pie, Santinos is not only light, but rich at the same time. The basil looks like it was locked up that same morning at the farmers market. There is always just enough cheese and seasonings to satisfy even class 3 vegans. You always get what you pay for, and this place is fairly pricey; 22-30 bucks for just a pie but if you could only have one pizza for the rest of your life, I think Santinos should be it.

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