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New York Round
NewYork Round santinos Homepage

Santino’s wins "Best Pizza in Los Angeles" from the Huffington Post

We are very proud to have so much support from our patrons when we won Best Pizza In LA from the Huffington Post, Daniel Bruce the owner threw a pizza 24 ft into the sky to celebrate. Daniel’s wife Cynthia Izzo’s Pizza making family arrived in New York from Naples in Italy at the turn of the 20th Century. Their Pizza benefited from the larger ovens available. In New York City

The NY Round Vs The Neapolitan Square

The NY dough differs significantly from that found in the original Naples variety which is more tart, Cynthia is partial to Square and recently was vindicated when NAPLES PIZZA won the Guinness book of recordswhile Daniel (because he cannot throw square Pizza) prefers the round. Santino's Thin Crust style. Pizza begins with dough that is hand-made fresh daily from the finest Italian and Californian grown ingredients. Except the Pepperoni, that is grown in Chicago.

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NewYork Round
NewYork Round Split

  Medium Large Jumbo
Classic w/cheese $12.50 $15.99 $17.99
Each Topping $1.50 $2.00 $2.50
Extra Cheese $2.00 $2.50 $3.00

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  Medium Large Jumbo
Clasic w/cheese $12.50 $15.99 $17.99
Each Topping $1.50 $2.00 $2.50
Extra Cheese $2.00 $2.50 $3.00

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Luckily for New York transplants, Santino's in Sherman Oaks lives up to its promise of serving authentic New York-style pizza. The casual parlor spot is pretty under-the-radar, but its red checkered tablecloths and Italian villa roof are hard to miss. The square-or-round pies are kind of amazing, especially when topped with on-point toppings like spicy sausage and baked eggplant.”  see more

I love the food here! *****

Jason S.

Burbank, CA


I love the food here! The owner and employees are very nice and friendly people and always a pleasure to talk to. I've been coming here for many years and everything on the menu is excellent, pizza, salads, love it.

Fantastic pie. *****

Jason Kay

Los Angeles, CA


Fantastic pie. Been going since they were in Woodland Hills in the 1980s

This place is amazing!!!! *****

Anna L.

Los Angeles, CA


This place is amazing!!!! Everyone is courteous and accommodating. The food is delicious add always on point. Love the pizza, yum!!!!!

Be sure to order the cannoli, they are heavenly! Thank you for delivering when the streets were flooded from the rain, you guys are the best!

Santino's is by far the best *****

Scott M.

Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA


As someone who is originally from North Jersey, I am extremely picky about my pizza and Italian food. Now, while there are a lot of great Italian places in the Valley for a nice sit-down dinner, when it comes to take-out, that's a whole another story.

I have tried easily 20-30 other pizza places in the Valley and Santino's is by far the best of the bunch. The second best if East Coast Pizza in Simi Valley FYI.

What makes Santino's stand out is the quality. The pizza dough and crust are perfect, the quality of the food is great, and most importantly, the sauce is absolutely amazing. Anyone who knows Italian food knows that it's all about the sauce and this place nails it.

Another thing to be said is the crust, which is exactly how it should be. There are so many places that attempt to make it extremely thin crust and others that are way too thick, this place has it down to a science.

Besides the pizza, the rest of their food is pretty great as well. I have had the meatball sub, the lasagna (some of best I ever had honestly), chicken parm dinner plate, and the cannolis. All of these items are delicious just like the pizza.

Highly recommended.

Great experience, delicious food and friendly people. *****

Doreen C.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Great experience, delicious food and friendly people.Will be back...I had a spaghetti meat balls and my son had a pizza.

This place makes the best pizza I've had in LA -- hands down! *****

Maggie K.

Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA


This review is long overdue, but this place makes the best pizza I've had in LA -- hands down. My boyfriend and I have eaten slices for lunch in the shop, ordered for delivery on Amazon and have also called to order over the phone. Every time it's delicious and very flavorful.

When I moved here from Chicago I knew I needed to find a good pizza place, but every one I tried came up short and then I'd just get mad. That is, of course, until I tried Santino's.

Santino's has great sauce, flavorful toppings, and perfect crust thickness. Plus their meatballs and lasagna are also super yummy. And their employees are also so nice.

We are moving this month and I hope our new place is still in their delivery zone. And if it's not, I don't even care. I will drive and find parking on Woodman just for their pizza.

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