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Neopolitan Square Pizza
Neopolitan Square Live

The Traditional Neapolitan Pizza from Naples is square and made with a different dough to the NY variety Square Pizza is often described as having a more tart taste. Pizza aficionados prize this authentic traditional southern Naples recipe. Cynthia Bruce Izzo, American Italian co-founder has been cooking since age 4 and the Joseph Izzo her father was one of the first to make pizza for take-out in LA way back in 1945. The Family originates from Naples and the square recipe remains the same as it has done for generations of Izzo family.

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Neopolitan Square
Neopolitan Square Split

  Mediums Large
Price $13.00 $16.50
Each Topping $1.50 $2.00
Extra Cheese $2.25 $2.75

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  Medium Large
Price $13.00 $16.50
Each Topping $1.50 $2.00
Extra Cheese $2.25 $2.75

In 2010 the European Union registered Neapolitan pizza as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) product. It stipulates that certified “Pizza Napoletana TSG” must consist of a base of twice-leavened, hand-shaped dough (no rolling pin), no wider than 35cm. It must be 0.4cm thick at the centre and 1cm-2cm around the rim. It may be garnished in just three ways: with tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil, or with certified mozzarella from either buffalo’s or cow’s milk. It must be baked and eaten on the spot, not frozen or vacuum-packed.

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One of the best pizzas around. *****

Billy A.

Valley Glen, CA


The square pizza is awesome! One of the best pizzas around. I don't much care for the round pizzas. They use different ingredients I guess. Service is always fast and nice.

The Naples style pie is the best pizza I've had in LA! *****

Omi C.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Have lived around the corner from Santino's for over a decade and just had it for the first time a few weeks ago. We've ordered four times since!

The Naples style pie is the best pizza I've had in LA! The ingredients seem very high quality and the ratio of crust to sauce to cheese to toppings is perfect! It is not the cheapest, but well worth the cost. Highly recommend!

Best pizza in Los Angeles. *****

Evan L.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Great staff, awesome delivery and most importantly - the best pizza in Los Angeles. This is undeniably the closest replicant to New York pizza that I've tasted, Valley or City. Make sure you get the Neapolitan square pizza…

The pies are thin, light on the sauce & cheese, with the perfect balance of flavor and texture - with responsible use of toppings. The pizza is moderately "pricey" for Los Angeles but you are literally paying for the best pie in town.

Good neighborhood pizza. *****

Ricardo R.

Los Angeles, CA


There seems to be a lot of different opinions from East Coasters about what is good pizza and what is not. As a native Angeleno who is married to one such New Yorker,  I'm not going to get into that debate here. What I will say is that I enjoyed my medium pepperoni pizza from this place. Thin crust,  slightly crispy crust charred around the edges.

The service was good and I saw someone I think would be the owner there or at least someone who looks like they've been doing this a long time. This place is exactly what it looks like from the outside, a good neighborhood pizza joint where you can get some good food at a good price.

Definitely better than ordering one from the fast food places that deliver. I'm new to the area and I'm still going to check other places out when I feel a need for a slice but so far, this place seems to be one I'll be coming back to again for sure.

The pizza is consistently amazing.

Ali A.

Sherman Oaks, CA


I have been fortunate enough to travel all around the world and I must say that Santino's is hands down the best pizza I have had.  The pizza is consistently amazing.  For the same reason, I continue to order from them regularly.   Thank you!

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