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 Jonny S. Sherman Oaks, CA    5/17/2011

It really is the best NY Pizza in the area. A close second is Marcellino's on Burbank at Woodman.

 nate c. Sherman Oaks, CA    5/12/2011

Can not get enough of this place. If you like traditional style pizza, it's the best.

 marlon e. Chino, CA

I drove 50 miles to try this place...
50 freakin miles!!!
I was telling my friend that this place better be good! If i'm spending 10 bucks for gas this better be good!!!
Actually i never heard of this place, just because I live on the other side of the world which is known as IE.
So we got in and the place was empty, hmmm.... empty on a sunday night but i was assured it was hella good. We looked at the menu and they got some specialty pizzas and i wish i can order all of them but sadly i can only eat so much. When ordering a pizza you can choose between a round or square/rectangular pizza. So what's the difference? The round one is rested for 2 days and the square just a day, you might be thinking what's the difference right? The longer you let it rest the softer the dough is, and they also use different types of flour. But personally i prefer the square ones and you can ask them to make them crispy.
After debating for 2 seconds on what to order we started with a large square pizza with clams in it and a medium round Blanco with extra sausage. After 20 minutes and 2 bottles of wine we have to get another round one which is a shrimp on tomato sauce with feta cheese. All 3 pizzas that we got were great! But i love the clam the most!!!
5 stars for the service, for the food, and for free cork fee!!! Hell yeah!!! we had 2 and a half bottles of wine here!!! (that's for 2 people)
If you're in this area or you live in this area and you haven't tried it you're definitely missing out on something.
I just wish they can do overnight shipping so i don't have to drive that far....or maybe i should move closer...

 Ben G. Los Angeles, CA

Out of Sunday boredom came an intense pizza craving yesterday afternoon, and it had to be quelled. So I did what anyone ravenous pizza-craving animal would do and talked Marlon into driving 50+ miles to begin a pizza binge with me. Why? Because I knew that one pizza would not quiet the craving, and if I had a friend with me we could try at least 2. We took it to another level though and ate 3 fairly large pizzas! We started off with a square Baby clam pizza, like Marlon mentioned the dough rests for a full 24 hours prior to being used. The owners described the dough being used in the square crust as a more adult sophisticated crust and they were 100% right. While the round crust is delicious in it's own right, the square crust has a nice soft/crispy/chewy quality you don't find in dough very often. It is DELICIOUS! Not only do they use a different flour for the square crust it also doesn't contain sugar, which IMO lets you taste the flavor of the hearty dough much more. We followed our clam pizza with a round Blanco with sausage. It was good, but not anywhere near as good as the clam. Last but not least we cracked open a bottle of Sauternes for dessert and ordered the Shrimp and Feta Pizza. But.... we didn't stop there, we added clams and roasted red peppers. It was really really great, although my favorite still the square clam. My main reason for upping Santoni's to the full 5 stars is the square crust. The edges are SO SO crispy, and the owners mentioned that upon request they can make it even crispier! While Mozza may have them in the inventiveness category, Santoni's prices are more reasonable, and their pizza is more substantial. Definitely a must try if you live in the area, or not.

 korey P.Sherman Oaks, CA

A neighborhood tradition. I love to spend my money with the guy down the street instead of some corporation. The pizza is delicious but the fact that Michael the owner delivers to my door brings that small town feel to my dollar. Worth every penny. Please keep these guys in business

 B.D.W. Sherman Oaks, CA

I give it five stars because I truly think this is LA's best Pizza. I've been here in LA for a while, from NY originally, and been as far as Pasadena and Manhattan Beach. I'm a fan of Barones, but I like this place slightly more.

Specifically: I endorse the square pizza. The crust is outstanding. Crisp and tasty, not covered in annoying flour. The sauce is the right mix of seasoning, not bland like most LA pizza. Cheese is usually cooked until those little brown bubbles start to dot the surface. Pepperoni tucked under the cheese like a nice surprise. Just go here. It's worth driving to the Valley for.

 Seth M. Los Angeles, CA

So I have a confession. I'm a pizz-aholic. I just can't get enough. I could probably consume a whole pie at a sitting, if my pants would allow it. That is, assuming its is a half-way decent pie. Strike that. That's not necessarily the truth. It really doesn't have to be that great. When I say I love pizza, I mean I LOVE it. Anything from a 5 buck special at Little Caesar's, to a frozen Jeno's (which were on sale at Albertson's 5 for $4!), a homemade BBQ Chicken, to a 5-Star authentic New York pizza like Santino's. Without a doubt, Santino's thin crust New York Style pizza is the best I've had. Hands down. They take the cake (er.. the pie, I mean). I've been here a few times, and every time I've ordered the pizza (go figure). The green salad is so-so, nothing spectacular. But these pizza's are perfectly flavored, seasoned, and send my tastebuds wild like crack addict who just got their fix. I always order the sausage pizza, by the way. The owner (I call him Santino, but I think it's something else) is a pleasant guy, who loves to chat and tell good ole stories, and (as unusual as it is nowadays) really cares about customer service. He wants you to come back, and he ensures it. Well, Mr. Santino... You've won my heart, my belly, and my tastebuds. Just the thought of returning sends my tastebuds into a hyper-active state of anticipation and forces my salivary glands to go into "excessive secretion mode." There is only one other thing in the world that sends my tastebuds to that level of euphoria...but that's an entirely different kind of pie.....

 Matthew K. North Hollywood, CA

Yup, still the best Italian sub I have ever had. The bread was clearly fresh baked on Sunday all crispy and toasted on the outside with a soft pillowy inside. I made another epic discovery, they have OG Caesar dressing, egg and oil with spices. The Caesar salad was one of the better i have ever had, incredibly flavorful homemade dressing. This place does not get old ever, i think i inhaled my 12 inch sub and Caesar salad in about ten minutes, it was a great.

 Thomas B. Sherman Oaks, CA

Can't decide what best pizza in the Valley is -- Santino's or Barone's ... I give the slight edge to Santino's because they deliver. If you like NYC pizza, this is your place. Though I recommend the whole pie vs. order by the slice. Much, much better. TIP: Make sure to order "square style" for maximum deliciousness.

 dave g. Los Angeles, CA

Fuck yeah ! best square thin crust pizza around! Long ago spinoff from the more famous, but not as good (in my opinion Barone's) this place has awesome thin crust square pizza- awesome pepperoni - they put it under the cheese and it's great!

 china b. Van Nuys, CA

OMG.... i just love this place and i think people should know about good pizza in the Valley, so by far the best pizza i have ever had.... the crust... the sauce.... its just perfect.... love it, in fact gonna order some now.... :)

 Kia R. Studio City, CA

I found a new addiction. Santinos has some of the best NY style pizza I have ever dated. I use to be a big fan of D'Amore's Pizza Connection , however the quality of their pizza has gone down the tubes. Santinos is also a cute little place to dine in with some friends right before a movie or something. They also deliver.

 Teri H. North Hollywood, CA

Oh my godness! I was a little hesitant to order due to some negative reviews, but wow, am I glad I did. This place was so delicious! We ordered the house salad, spagetti marinara, and the new york cheese pizza. WOW. it was truly amazing!! Both the marinara sauce for he pasta and the pizza were so flavorful and tasty. The woman who took my order was so friendly, and then the man who delivered the food was incredible. He played with my very excited puppies without a problem (which is such a nice suprise compared to the cranky delivery people). Very well priced and absolutely delicious. Even my new york born and raised fiance said this was the best pizza he has had since moving to L.A. two years ago. We just ordered again tonight, after having it two days ago!!! Thanks yelp!!!!!!!!

 Laura W. Sherman Oaks, CA

I was a HUGE D'Amores fan. Then the pizza started to go downhill, but worse - the drivers took an hour getting to me, and the company charged 45 bucks for a pizza and salad. Then I dropped by Santinos for a slice. OHMIGOD! Amazing. They are a staple in our house now. Quick delivery, reasonable prices..Make sure you warm up your pie a little in the oven, and ask for double cut if you have little kids! A seriously delicious pie.

 sharadov R. Sherman Oaks, CA

This place is the bomb. They got the best pizza, in the Sherman oaks/Studio City neighborhood.

 E. M. Sherman Oaks, CA

The people here know me by name and make me feel like I'm at home in NY. I didn't think great pizza existed in LA until I experienced Santino's! The crust is crispy and the sauce is delicious.

 Sam L.Van Nuys, CA

Ok, so I am out looking for the valley's best pizza. I love pizza. But I love good pizza. I think I am realizing this is my favorite food... bread, tomatoes... cheese... and then the other favorite items of mine, pork products, mushrooms, onions... Can it get any better??? We tried this place because of the great reviews. Well, I was NOT let down. It was very good. My family and I finished off a Large pizza. And I was soooo full. The place is small, and with just two other parties in there, it was a bit cramped, but really, I didn't mind. The server seemed to also be the chef, maybe the owner. And very nice and talkative. I'm always trying to extract cooking information from restaurants... And got some good tips on my next homemade pizza. I can't wait to go back sans kids and try one of the gourment pizzas. Oh, and we had the square pizza. Very good. I will say, they only have the thin crust. And as much as I think I do prefer a thick crust, it was very good. Fun info on how they make them, the square if made to rise at room temp, and the round is made and then rises in the frig over 24 hours. Different crusts. I can't wait to try the next!!

 Luis S.Stockton, CA

I was in town to visit my friends and I thought I would try this place out since it was only a few blocks where they live. The place is pretty small but the pizza was pretty good. The crust was thin and the cheese was stringy and the sauce had a nice flavor. If you are ever in Sherman Oaks and are looking for a good pizza place I would recommend you try this place.

 Ria F.Sherman Oaks, CA

Sherman Oaks, CA 4 star rating 11/5/2009 My gosh! I cannot even tell you guys how good this pizza was. I am a huge pizza lover. HUGE. I am originally from Chicago, so let me tell you guys, I know my pizza. Deep dish, thin crust, you name it, I love it. I ordered a square pie tonight - half cheese & pepperoni and the other half was the special veggie. Delectable, delicious, phenomenal. The crust was just right - not too soggy, not too crunchy. The toppings were surely loaded on and the two Italian men I had to feed truly enjoyed it. That says something, right? For being just 2 miles away, it seems like I will be ordering this much more than my diet would like. But who cares! It's pizza for pete's sake!

 Oscar A.Winnetka, CA

I've met people that get headaches when they are starving...or they get really cranky and start arguing about everything. None of that happens when i'm hungry...i just sometimes let my imagination get the best of me. I may see things that are not there. I look at a Big Mac and think it's a double double for some reason. I was driving aimlessly in Sherman Oaks the other night and i stumbled upon Santino's Pizza. I parked on the street, but before exiting my vehicle, someone just opened the passenger door and got in the car: Me: What the hell?! What are you doing and who are you?! Guy: It's your uncle Tony! you're going to go into that restaurant. You meet "the Turk" and the sit down and eat your dinner. You excuse yourself and ask to go to the bathroom. There will be a gun. You come back, finish your dinner and shoot them both. Drop the gun...don't look directly at anybody and just walk away. Me: You have to be kidding me... And the guy left. I don't even know a fuckin' Uncle Tony! I just ignored what i had just seen and stepped into Santino's Pizza. It was a very small restauarant with framed pictures hanging on the walls. There were about five tables with the red, checkered covers. There were two men that looked at me and one of them said: Turk: Oscar! We've been waiting for you. [They check me for weapons] Me: Ok...seriously...what the hell is this crap?! It's the same exact scene from the damn Godfa... Turk: Don't worry, we have not been waiting long. I am Virgil Sollozzo and this is Captain McCluskey. Captain: Nice to finally put a face to the name... Turk: Please...sit. Let us eat and discuss business. I recommend the's the best in New York. Me: New York? But we're in Sherman fuckin' Oaks! Turk: Sit...for we are hungry! I did what he asked...i didn't want to upset any of them. I ordered a slice of pizza ($3.50) and then ordered a six-inch chicken parmigiana sub ($6.50) to go...for later, you know? Turk: Looks like somebody is very hungry... Me: My uncle wanted me to pick up a chicken sandwich for him. Damnit...he knew i was lying. But i did not really care. The food arrived rather quickly. I ate my pizza...which was thin and crispy, but not spectacular. It was a solid slice of pizza, but their specialty pizzas (such as BBQ chicken, ham and pineapple, etc.) looked much more tasty than a plain slice of cheese. Then all of a sudden...that Sollozzo guy started talking... Turk: Oscar...let's talk about the situation. Do you mind if we speak in Italian? Me: Actually yes i do...considering i don't speak Italian for shit. Captain: Go ahead...this food is delicious! Turk: [Speaking italian] Me: Ok....yeah...i see what you're saying. Excuse me gentlemen. I must use the restroom. May i? Turk: Of course... Ok...this has to be a goddamn dream. But i really did have to pee. I go into the stall and there's a goddamn gun taped to the door. What the hell?!'s a cool dream, so i said fuck it!!! I took the gun and walked back to the table. Me: Sorry gentlemen. Dr. Pepper just goes right through me, you know? Turk: [Speaks italian] Me: Ok...i'm going to stop you right there...because i don't know what the hell you're saying...and here's what you get... I got up...shot Sollozzo...then the captain. I did what uncle Tony told me to do...shoot, drop the gun and walk away. I did just that...and it felt cool. But i forgot my chicken parmigiana sub, so i had to walk back in and grab the bag...which took away any dramatic effect from just walking away. I finally arrived home...watched some television and eventually ate half of the sandwich, which was delicious. The bread, which is baked fresh every day, was toasted just right with thick marinara and a good, seasoned, breaded chicken with melted mozzarella on top. It was a good that i would love to order again some time. The hunger finally went away and i was very satisfied with Santino's. I really hope what happened that day was my imagination running wild or some sort of day dream...because then i'd be wanted for murder...and that's not good.

 Tim E. Los Angeles, CA

Great, friendly service and yummy pizza

 Joy H. Sherman Oaks, CA

Best NY style pizza in the east valley. I've tried all the other places near my house and this one is the best. I've only get the cheese pizza, it's pretty tasty. I got a side salad once, it was your standard salad, nothing special.

 Paulina K. Lake Balboa, CA

After a hangover I always crave pizza, and decided to try something new this weekend, despite living a block away from legendary Lido. Santino's did not disappoint, and surprisingly is in the same category of excellence as Lido! I only eat thin crust pizza, and the dough/bread/crust here is just perfect, probably the best I've ever had outside of Italy! I ordered my standby pepperoni with fresh tomatoes, and only have two complaints which prevent me from awarding it 5 stars: as a tomato addict, I must admit that these fresh tomatoes were bland and tasteless, especially compared with Lido's flavor bomb cherry tomatoes. My other gripe is that I've become seriously addicted to ordering my pizza made spicy, and wish that Santino's also offered this option (simply add spicy olive oil, folks! :). Otherwise, the pizza was absolutely fabulous, and I especially appreciated the perfect amount of cheese on my pie (Lido tends to overdo the cheese). In closing, I'm thrilled to discover another awesome pizza joint in the Valley!

 Chloe T. Los Angeles, CA

Santino's is great. Best pizza I've had yet! The bread is good, and everything tasted great! I'll be back for sure!

 Susan G. North Hollywood, CA

On my way to Mulberry Street Pizza I noticed a parking spot in front of Santino's and knew this was a sign. Oscar at the counter was incredibly friendly and explained the difference between the square pizza dough and the round. First time in so I opted for the square Margarhita. It was love at first bite literally. Being Italian and still driving to Anaheim for pizza because no one measures up like Mamma Cozza I was in love. The crispy crust, the delicate flavor of garlic...not overpowering, the tomatoes and basil that was cut into nice thin strips so each bite had some basil. Also, they did not smother the pizza with cheese. Just a light sprinkle of cheese so you get all the flavors in each bite. They brush the crust with Olive oil so it browns nicely and has great flavor. Santino's makes a great pizza and I'm holding off on the 5th star until I go back and have the round pizza. They have a nice little menu and the owner was there. He's a nice man who comes out to speak with the patrons.

 Miles S. Canoga Park, CA

This is some fine neighborhood pizza pie. They make good special pizzas, and I was told that they make their own pasta. I usually go for a bell pepper, pineapple, and onion combo, which is really tasty. Sometimes you can find decent cannoli here for cheap. They have a Santino's punch card you can ask for. Get it punched for 10 pizzas and number 11 is free, daddy-o. It's corny, but I think it's cool that the owner of the place is also the delivery guy. Pretty fast on the delivery, too. It's good pizza. Sock it to those big corporate chains and get the real thing, why don't you?

 Alex D. Sherman Oaks, CA

During The Game or after a nice blunt, Santino's really hits that spot when u got the MUNCHY'S / But there "conolis" how ever you spell it are good but this time they wram on the outside cold in the middle........

 maxwell s. Glendale, CA

i tried this place on a spur-of-the-moment whim. it's my go-to place now for pizza. thin-crust, not crackery or oily. cheese is lightly done, toppings are sparse. sausage is the finely ground type, nicely done. i order extra because it reheats ok for my taste. i like it. let me just say i hate when places have a medium but no small, an extra large and jumbo but no large. i don't get it. you have a small thing, a larger thing, and then something in-between sized and we call it medium. you can't have a medium without a small. that goes for drinks, pizzas, and yes, tips. how 'bout that, sports fans. the help here is a little nutty. kind of reminds me of that spaniard waiter on fawlty towers. still nice enough and they observe that age-old tradition of family restaurants of closing earlier than their posted times, so don't count on them being there two minutes before nine waiting to create a pie for you. when i get bored with their pizzas, then i'll put them throught the meatball sandwich test.

 Sara C. Sherman Oaks, CA

Great thin-crust NY-style pizza. The pizza doesn't really stand the test of time that well, so eat in rather than take-out or delivery. The Chilean owner is nice.

 hovik j. North Hollywood, CA

tried the vege and the shrimp pesto pizza's (no tomato sauce) which was a good change from the usual. have to try the new york style next time, seems like that is what they are known for.

 London T. Studio City, CA

good but not great. A little pricey. I got a 2 topping XL pizza and it was $24. Not enough cheese on the pizza for 24 bucks. Overall it was good though, I'd probly go back.

 kani e. Beverly Hills, CA

I thought Santino's was pretty good. I'd much rather a slice of Mulberry's.

 Jackie G. Sherman Oaks, CA

Have only tried the pizza and I think it is good. They seem to use fresh ingredients but the sauce had a strange herb or something in it that I'm not used to. Service is bad. I was sitting in the restaurant for 10 minutes before anyone came out the back. Also after my food came out they went back in and didn't come back out until I said "hello??"

 by page426 at Citysearch

After searching to find good pizza in Los Angeles, I thankfully found Santino's. It is hands-down the best pizza in the LA area. In fact, it's so good that went I went back to vist NY, I found myself missing Santino's pizza. In addition, the owners and the staff are courteous, friendly, and welcoming. Overall, a great place.

 by emmettshoemaker at Citysearch

From the comforting, homey atmosphere inside of this brilliant gem of a pizza parlor, to the cheerful personable staff, i guarantee a more positive pizza-eating experience will be a hard thing to find. their delivery service is top notch (i've been ordering for years and they have never onced fouled an order) and the prices are more than fair. the staff of Santino's run their business as any close-knit family would, extending a generous hand to local charities and communities. and to top it all off, their pizza is nothing short of exquisite. do yourself a favor and grab a slice.

 by jmc093 at Citysearch

Santino's has some of the best pizza I have had in a while. It never disappoints. Employees are extremely affable.

 by charlottedawes at Citysearch

Great service and tasty food. Seems healthy as well. i love Santino's pizza. It's the place i always visit for italian. They're also very nice and charitable, they donated pizza to a local show for LA Family Housing

 by Spencerwig at Citysearch

Dear Santino's,

Thank you so much for the generous donation of pizza's to the $2 Show Organization on Saturday night. All TEN Pizza's were devoured in a matter of seconds by the hungry teens excited for there delicious treat. People could not stop talking about how tasty the slices were! In fact, we ran out of menus to hand out. I would expect a flood of new costumers because that pizza will never be forgotten. I have a new personal favorite pizza place and I look forward to doing more business with you guys in the future. You have the biggest heart of the all the pizza places in LA and I am very thankful that we have established this relationship. Cheers

 by yayfood123456 at Citysearch

Great pizza, filling and delicious. Quick and easy service too! Picked it up, nice and hot, and it was just great. Yay for pizza!

 by lolwat at Citysearch

And awesome to have during the 2 dollar shows. Highly recommend eating here or taking out, you will not be disappointed!

 by yomyninja at Citysearch

the pizza is mouth watering, the service exceptional: that cant be beat! amazing food and would reccommend to anyone

 by sealand at Citysearch

hands down the best tasting pizza i have ever had. tastes great when its hot and tastes great out of the fridge. nothing has compared since

 by dangersoup at Citysearch

Santino's is my favorite pizza in the valley. I'm a fan of east coast pizza and Santino's is the closet to it here on the west coast! If you're looking for a great slice or even a sandwich or salad, Santino's is the best place in the valley for it!

 by empanadagrl at Citysearch

santino's is perfect. the slices are small and easy to eat, and light enough so i don't feel guilty after having 5 in a row! just the right cheese-to-sauce ratio, and pleasantly crusty crust. crown pizza jewel of balance, flavor, and consistency. santino's for everyone!

 by denizenclare at Citysearch

My friend Emmett and I go to Santino's every now and again (at least twice a month). It is by far one of my favorite places to go when you just gotta have a slice, a sandwich, a pasta, or what have you. it is the most welcoming, adorable atmosphere, and their food is crisp, tasty, and (for lack of a better word) delicious. They've even sponsored one of my friend's Charity Benefit Concerts with half-price pizzas! You can taste the love in every slice, no doubt about it.

 by lillyallenhere at Citysearch

they have the best pizza in the universe, and the nicest pizza makers in the universe! much love santino's!

 by ChristyBabe at Citysearch

You must try this place! Delicious pizza (and I'm picky!) with fresh toppings & the perfect crust. . . .Love that the pizza is not swimming in sauce! Friendly, prompt, & reliable service. I usually order "take-out" & have never been disappointed. I have also been there for casual outdoor side-walk sitting which is a fun experience with a small group.

 by afsacto at Citysearch

I've been bouncing around pizza joints in LA for a while and they all pretty much stink, even the ones that everyone says are great. Well, I finally got lucky after reading a review by a New Yorker and trying Santino's. After placing my order and telling them I've never had their pizza they kept telling me it was the best pizza in town. Considering Pizza Hut will tell you the same thing I was skeptical. When I went to pick it up everyone was very friendly and said the same thing, "You've never had our pizza? Best pie in town." So I took home one of their square cut, crispy, thin crust pizzas with everything on it and yeah, it is the best pie in town. In fact, this smokes anywhere else I've been in the city. Do yourself a favor and try it.

 by foodpicasso at Citysearch

I'll tell you what, I am a former east coaster where I've had the best pizza in the world from. It took me years in LA to find a place that has pizza this good. I can't say enough about how good this pizza is. Is it the sauce? Yes. Is it the crust? Yes. Is it the service? Absolutely. You not only get met with a blast of flavor, but these people are very friendly. Thank you SANTINO'S for being there for me!

 by suzfran at Citysearch

I moved from New York to LA 13 years ago and can say without doubt that Santini's pizza is by far the best pizza in LA. The crust is thin and crispy and the sauce is delicious. I had a pie with roasted red peppers and basil - it was to die for. This pizza reminds me of New York - even the vibe of the place is New York. It's small with cafe tables covered in red-checkered table cloths and has a cozy, New York/Italian neighborhood feel. Mr. Santini is friendly and you get a warm welcome, as if you have been there before - this is a place you want to be a regular at. I am psyched that I finally stumbled upon this place and I can't wait to try some of his dishes. Also - he has lunch specials which I am definitely going to try. Finally a REAL pizza parlor in LA! Can't stress it enough - go and try it and see for yourself. You will not be sorry.

 by kpeal1985 at Citysearch

The first pizza in California that gets my approval! (And I've tried a lot!) Perfect sauce, not sweet like other places. Great cheese. Perfect crust! Go and try it!

 by scopickal at Citysearch

Being a native New Yorker, I have pizza experience. I had previously been in love with Albano's in Studio City, but since they closed down that location and their other location is a bit out of the way for we Valley folk, Santino's is nearby and just as good if not better. Any style of pizza on their square, flat crust is to die for, especially the "Skinny Luigi" veggie pizza, which is loaded with garlic, olives, tomatoes and cheese. Simply divine!

 by blazinjew at Citysearch

So you think you know good pizza? If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying a simple slice of cheese pizza from Santino's you are really missing out on one of the best tasting pizzas in the city. Their pizzas have a great tasting dough and crust with awsome sauce. Toppings are all fresh , but I highly recommend trying plain cheese so you can really enjoy the true taste. Also for your first time make sure you go in and get it super hot and fresh... Cant wait to go back again!

 by bethreview at Citysearch

I'm from New York, so that pretty much makes me a pizza snob. This is GREAT thin crust (my favorite kind) pizza! I'm so happy they opened up in Sherman Oaks!

Note: they do tend to go heavy on the toppings. That's not my thing, I feel that if the pizza alone is great (which this is), toppings shouldn't dominate. So, if you're like me, just tell them to ease up if you're getting a topping.

 by 356c at Citysearch

I'm a total pizza snob. I try not to eat it very often, especially so early into my New Year?s resolutions, but it's a challenge not to order from Santino's more often. So great to find such excellent pizza right in my own neighborhood. My family use to frequent the competition around the corner from Santino's, but they kept increasing their prices and decreasing their sizes. We tried some others and found this place and we've been happy ever since. Thin and crispy with such great taste. And always on-time delivery.

 by alyssa88 at Citysearch

I've had a lot of pizza in LA, and this place so far has the best New York style thin crust pizza around. Just make sure you order a large, otherwise the slices aren't that big. The crust is thin and crispy, and the sauce-to-cheese ratio is excellent - great for folding and eating.

 by shotdiva at Citysearch

WOW! excellent pizza. very flavorful with a good balance of sauce and toppings. The crust was crisp with a great fresh flavor. I had the pizza delivered. The service on the phone was pleasant. The delivery was very quick, under the 40 min that was promised. The driver was super nice. I haven't had pizza this good since NY or Venice italy!! There is no comparison to any other parlor around. I don't know what the other people were talking about but the service is great and the pizza better!!! Maybe their taste run toward fast food chain pizza....? Well worth it to try this pizza, you won't be sorry!

 by billysmack at Citysearch

I am 41 years old and have traveled around the United States (including New York) and Europe. In all my 41 years I have never had better pizza than Santino's. The crust is perfect-not too thin and not too thick. Many pizza restaurants either have too much cheese or too much sauce. Santino's gets the balance just right. The staff is very friendly and always goes the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied. I've recommended Santino's to my friends and every one of them tells me how good it was. If you haven't had Santino's, you should go. You'll love it!!

 by liliparker at Citysearch

I like this place so much .I love the Chicken parm.The people there are really nice.I love their prices.I always go there for lunch and they have my food on time.

 by johnserene at Citysearch

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and was able to grab a table right away. The pizza was perfect! The crust doughy in the middle and crisp at the edge. Perfect! I'd recommend Santino's to anybody

 by slugger82 at Citysearch

I recently went to Santino's for the first time, and have returned almost every day this week! Everything is homemade, and the staff is very friendly. Their Santino's pizza is to DIE FOR! A mix of garlic and spinach and other incredible additions. Do yourself a favor and visit Santino's for the first time, and you won't ever want to leave!

 by katekarant at Citysearch

We stopped in last Friday and had the BEST hade made PIZZA west of the Hudson River. The salad with Italian Dressing was SENSATIONAL! Service was friendly and it made our eveing. We would recomend the little restaurant any time.

 by kellyny2la at Citysearch

Its true! Santino's is the best. From pizza to chicken parm it will all make your mouth water. I work next door and visit the Italian eatery a numerous times a week always leaving satisfied and full. You can't beat the service either. Many times I will go in just to say hello and grab a delious brownie! Santinos also delivers plus the prices are low and the cooks are fast. Santinos can't be beat. Check 'em out.

 by stevejager at Citysearch

It is NOT fancy -- you don't come here for the ambiance or the atmosphere, but the food is fabulous... Only a few tables; the largest table seats 6 people... We like it because it is family-owned, down-to-earth and exceptionally good!

 by Bman4414 at Citysearch

This is a local family owned place with a nice decor and friendly staff but the food is not that good. The pizza has a nice crust but looks like something from the frozen section of the grocery store and doesn't taste much better. I've had NY pizza plenty of times and this is not it. The delivery was prompt and friendly.

 by danny91411 at Citysearch

Look at the reviews. Once a month, a 5 star review and screaming praise from a new member with only one review posted to citysearch. This looks highly suspicious to me. Maybe a bit of self promotion? We tried this place, and found the food to be average, and the prices high. Keep looking,

 by studiocitykid at Citysearch

I work within a block of Santino's. The food is above average, with the pizza being their star item, a near-perfect balance of sauce and cheese on a perfectly crispy crust. However, I am HIGHLY not recommending this restaurant because of the horrid service and rudeness of the employees. We decided to use them to cater our Christmas Party, as we like to patronize smaller businesses in our area. Our boss went in and ordered a tray of pasta for about thirty people. The gentleman agreed and the order was delivered. The pasta was fine, but definately not something to write home about. However, upon recieving the bill for $140, we were taken aback. $140 for a tray of pasta? Upon inquiring, the manager told us that "they do not sell trays." Well, the obviously do as we ordered a tray and a tray was delivered. "no, only individual orders." THey charged us for 30 individual orders, and told us they gave us a "break" for ordering so many. Researching around town, trays of pasta run between $30-$45 for a standard penne with meat sauce. A $100 mark-up and not even a batted eye or a hint of remorse for tricking our elderly boss. Shame on you, especially a New Yorker would put up with Santino's BS.

 by g33kgurli at Citysearch

After a hard day shopping this weekend we decided to order pizza and watch a movie. After researching pizza in my new neighborhood we settled on this place due to the good reviews this place received. Sadly enough to say one of the reviewers previous made the correct call - this place is average. The pizza is ok, nothing to brag about and frankly I think that the local gourmet market could provide an equally good pie from the freezer. Delivery was reasonably fast but in no way is this New York pie.

 by kentpope at Citysearch

The pizza is pretty decent (especially for L.A.) I recommended asking for one of the square ones, instead of the old-fashioned round pies. A word of caution: the cheese steaks are absolutely dreadful. Overall service is okay, but nothing to write home about.

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