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New York Round
NewYork Round santinos Homepage
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NewYork Round santinos Homepage
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Santino’s wins "Best Pizza in Los Angeles" from HuffPo. We are very proud to have so much support from our patrons when we won Best Pizza In LA from the Huffington Post, Daniel Bruce the owner threw a pizza 24 ft into the sky to celebrate. Daniel’s wife Cynthia Izzo’s Pizza making family arrived in New York from Naples in Italy at the turn of the 20th Century. Their Pizza benefited from the larger ovens available. In New York City.

The NY Round Vs The Neapolitan Square

The NY dough differs significantly from that found in the original Naples variety which is more tart, Cynthia is partial to Square and recently was vindicated when NAPLES PIZZA won the Guinness book of recordswhile Daniel (because he cannot throw square Pizza) prefers the round. Santino's Thin Crust style. Pizza begins with dough that is hand-made fresh daily from the finest Italian and Californian grown ingredients. Except the Pepperoni, which is grown in Chicagosays Rony

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NewYork Round
NewYork Round Split

  Medium Large Jumbo
Classic w/cheese $15.50 $20.25 $22.25
Each Topping $2.00 $3.00 $4.25
Extra Cheese $2.00 $3.00 $4.25
1/2 Topping $1.75 $2.25 $2.75

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  Medium Large Jumbo
Classic w/cheese $15.50 $20.25 $22.25
Each Topping $2.00 $3.00 $4.25
Extra Cheese $2.00 $3.00 $4.25
1/2 Topping $1.75 $2.25 $2.75


 “Luckily for New York  like tonys pizza  transplants, Santino's in Sherman Oaks lives up to its promise of serving authentic New York-style pizza. The casual parlor spot is pretty under-the-radar, but its red checkered tablecloths and Italian villa roof are hard to miss. The square-or-round pies are kind of amazing, especially when topped with on-point toppings like spicy sausage and baked eggplant.”  see more

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***** Demi G. Los Angeles, CA 9/10/2021

Nothing but great things to say about Santino's! The pizza is absolutely delicious! We have ordered multiple times and have always been so pleased with the pizzas. Love the thin crust and there's always a perfect cheese to sauce ratio.

***** Jennifer R. Hayward, CA 7/26/2021


I got the BBQ chicken pizza and the wings but the wints I did not love.

Service was excellent!!! I got it delivered

***** Jess C. Los Angeles, CA 7/24/2021

Best Pizza in LA by a country mile. If you're craving NYC slices like we were, this place is a godsend!! Not to mention everyone working there is an absolute gem of a human. If you're craving pizza, this is where you should go!!

***** Leeza V. Hansen Hills, Los Angeles, CA 6/16/2021

I wanna give a huge shout out to Isaac and Frank for being so welcoming. I went on a first date and we arrived pretty close to closing time, but Isaac went over all our options and made some super great suggestions about what to try for our first time there. He was extremely friendly and clearly knowledgeable about which sizes are best and which pizzas are best to eat the day after! Since we were there for a while they started closing up, but they never made us feeling pressured about leaving. I would come back just for their awesome customer service.

The pizza was great too :)

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